Best Northern Pike Ice Fishing Videos

Here you go – a handful of videos on pike ice fishing I personally picked for this post. Each of them is worth watching doesn’t matter if you never caught a pike in your life, or you caught hundreds or thousands of them – still worth watching.

Ice Fishing For Northern Pike Videos

1. Wolf Lake Northern Pike Ice fishing with Windlass Tip-Ups

2. Ice Fishing for Giant Pike on Tip-Ups


4. Gigantic Lake of the Woods Pike Ice Fishing

5. Tip Up Ice Fishing Tricks for Pike – LOTS OF FISH CATCHES

6. Ice Fishing – Ice Fishing catch a Big Pike – Nice time!

7. ICE FISHING 2018. Catching Northern Pike.

8. Big Pike Ice Fishing on Tip ups 2017

9. 2017 Ice Fishing BIG Northern Pike

10. Northern Pike Ice Fishing

Hope you enjoyed watching! And remember – catching a pike in winter is easy and lots of fun! If you are planning on catching a pike anytime soon, it may be a good idea to check out our recommended pike fishing gear section to see if any of your tackle needs an update or even an upgrade.

Do you have your favorite northern pike getting caught video? Please leave a link in comments and it may go on the list above!

DIY Underwater Video Camera

Shooting video underwater is often considered a complicated endeavor. To shoot a quality video in an underwater environment, a video camera designated explicitly for underwater videography or individual underwater enclosures for the video camera would be needed.

Both of these are expensive and not usually in the budget of the average videographer. However, there is a simple solution for nonprofessional underwater video. Creating a simple water-tight enclosure for a camera takes less than five minutes and is perfect for simple underwater video.

Step 1

Cut the cardboard tube so that it is the same length as the camera lens. Place the cardboard tube over the camera lens, so that the camera lens is in the middle of the tube’s opening. This will prevent stress to the lens.

Step 2

Stretch one of the condoms over the entirety of the camera, so that the camera is completely inside the condom. Tie off the condom and apply a small amount of superglue to the knot.

Step 3

Starting on the opposite side as the first, stretch the second condom over the entirety of the camera body. Tie it off and apply super glue to the knot.

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