Best Pike Lures in 2019 Review

Northern pike lure fishing is great, especially when you get to fight a teethy one! I have been doing lure fishing for pike for many years, but one thing I’m always hesitant about is testing new LURES! First of all, it’s so easy to spend hundreds of $$ on a few pieces that are destined to collect dust on a shelf in a garage after first (and last) fishing trip. And this is because you don’t know if that lure is going to give the action your targeted species wants once you throw it in water. Secondly, it takes quite some time to perfect not only the speed but also the type of retrieve for each different lure.

So if you are into northern pike fishing with lures, but don’t have the time and money to physically test all the new fancy cranky rattly shady raps out there, then this review is just for you. We’ll try to sum up what’s giving the anglers the most success rate under what conditions so you can easily pick your best pike lures in no time and start fishing them.

Best Northern Pike Lure Of All Time

Best lure for northern pike:

Daredevil fishing lure

Best Lures For Pike

lures for northern pike

What lures to use for pike?

Best lures to catch pike

Best Northern Pike Lures Ever

Here’s a quick summary of the top 10 pike lures:

  1. DareDevil
  2. Jointed Rapalas
  3. Husky Jerk
  4. Rippin Minnow
  5. Diving Minnow
  6. Rattlin Dog
  7. Bucktails
  8. Abu’s Toby Lure
  9. X-Rap
  10. Thundersticks

Top northern pike lures

Tired of testing different pike lure in search for good pike lures? I’ve done extensive research trying to identify the best performing fishing lure of all times and the outcome is a list of the top 10 pike lures!

#1 DareDevil 

One of the best fishing lures for norther pike is Dare Devil. Especially, the yellow and red “5 diamond” Dare Devil, and the red and white Dare Devil are probably the most popular pike fishing lures; they are certainly among the most commonly used. The thin body of the spoon can make it a good choice for casting in and around weed beds, and the frantic movement of the red can draw pike like a bull. A useful “slapping” technique can be accomplished by casting the lure high and then jerking it back when the spoon is 2 or 3 feet from the surface of the water. It can help call the pike to action.

#2 Jointed Rapalas

These have been around for quite a while, and they are produced and distributed in large numbers. Lures vary in size, but the J-11 and J-13s are most common for pike fishing. The jointed or “broken back” nature of the lure simulates a slightly distressed fish which can attract pike. It can be used to troll and to cast. Sizes for the J-11 and J-13 are 4 3/8 to 5 1/4 inches long, and 5/16 to 5/8 ounces.

#3 Husky Jerk 

These popular pike fishing lures are equipped with a rattle chamber which transmits sounds that can be amplified by water. Husky Jerks possess neutral buoyancy and generally run 4 to 8 feet deep, prime depth for pike. They are suitable for both casting and trolling, though the jerking movement associated with this lure is only achievable by casting. Husky Jerks are 2 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches long and 1/8 to 5/8 ounces.

#4 Rippin Minnow 

A 4 1/4-inch popper, this lure is designed to run on or near the top of the water line. It possesses a single rattle and runs with erratic motion, simulating wounded fish bait, which can attract pike. Topwater lures can provide for exciting pike fishing as they allow you to see much of the action.

#5 Diving Minnow 

This lure is typically 3 1/2 inches, and it is designed to run deep on retrieval, producing a medium wobble as it dives. At rest, it floats. Its length is approximately 5 3/4 inches.

#6 Rattlin Dog

Loyal to its name, this lure produces a rattle and is designed to encourage a “walking the dog” retrieval method over the top of the water. Its rear weighted, tail down shape tends to position the hook in line with the “strike zone.” Lures are typically 4 1/4 inches and approximately 2 grams.

#7 Bucktails 

This versatile big game fishing lure is available in a wide variety of flashy colors which can attract large pike from longer distances. Giant Killer Bucktails feature a 5-inch hook and produce a distinct vibration when retrieved. This lure is suitable for water depths of 4 to 12 feet, and it is approximately 1 1/4 ounces.

#8 Abu’s Toby Lure

This traditional lure is made of solid brass. Its non-symmetrical design gives it flutter in the water which can excite pike. It is typically 18 grams in weight.

#9 X-Rap 

This is a relatively new lure, so its effectiveness for pike fishing has not been tested for long. It provides lots of action and resembles the three-dimensional shape of a minnow, which should attract pike. Scales on the fuselage help catch light which can attract fish. It is designed for aggressive fishing and sizes range from 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches and 1/8 to 3/4 ounces.

#10 Thundersticks

Traditional thundersticks are made from hard plastic that prevents the pike from biting the lure with the teeth, and it can and will result in a greater hookset. While casting, retrieve slowly as it will create a natural wiggle that gets pike’s attention. Thundersticks can be used to cast and to troll. They are generally meant for water depths of 1 to 5 feet.

Best Trolling Lures For Northern Pike

How To Choose Good Fishing Lure

Northern pike has a reputation among sports anglers for being very aggressive predatory fish. These fish commonly reach weights of more than 30 or even 40 lbs and are more common in northern climates. Known for their elongated heads and bodies, they are found in the Midwest of the United States, as well as through most of Canada and parts of Alaska. Choosing a good northern pike lure is a major step towards landing a trophy-sized pike.

5 Easy Steps

  • Look at lures that you know how to use. Part of the success with a good pike lure is knowing how to use it. Some anglers like crankbaits while others like spoons and spinners. Each one requires a different fishing strategy, and buying the perfect crankbait doesn’t do a lot of good if you’ve never used one before.
  • Check out online websites for deals. Many websites (companies who specialize in fishing equipment) may have sales online. Sites like Amazon or eBay offer other options. Once again, look for familiar lures.
  • Ask local anglers for advice. Every lake and river will be different, and what works well on a pike in one body of water might not work at all in the next. While pikes are usually aggressive anywhere, certain lures are going to work better than others in different bodies of water.
  • Buy a high action lure because pikes are aggressive. If you cannot choose between a couple of lures, pick the one that disturbs the water the most – could be from an extra spinner, from blinking lights, or noise making rattles. The more the lure annoys the pike, the more likely it is to work.
  • Bargain shop. The best northern pike lure will be reasonably priced, but provide the action needed to get the attention of any large pike in the area.

Lure Fishing Tips

  • If you’re not catching any fish then the most likely reason is that your lure is not close enough to the fish you seek, so make some effort to get near some of your target fish. You can move, or you can change how deep (think 3D, depth is as important as geography) your lure is running.
  • The speed of retrieve is the other great variable; you cannot retrieve too fast or too slowly – vary it. The fundamental question is where your lure is and how fast it is moving, not what it is.
  • Only lure a fish will take is the one you are using, so use it as best bait for northern pike and as best as you can. Concentrate and feel what it is telling you about the topography of the swim – the depth changes, weed, flow rate, etc. Always be in control and in a position to strike. Most of all, be constantly aware of exactly where your lure is: How deep? How far away? What is it doing? You may need to repeat its position and behavior precisely to catch another fish.
  • Good anglers catch most fish, and it’s generally best to assume that we’ve quite a bit to learn! An open mind is a significant advantage, never let preconceived ideas get in the way of trying something new, the fish do not read lure catalogs or fishing magazines. Learn the right lessons from successes and failures and become a better angler.

High action lures offer better results. Also, choose lures that you have skills and knowledge with because it will be more effective as you will know how to fish lures correctly.

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