Definition Of A Fishing Tackle

Any instrument that is used for fishing can be termed as fishing tackle. Fishers use hooks, nets, gaffs, traps, wader’s lines, bait, lures, spears, sinkers, floats, rods, reels and more. All of these are in fact fishing tackle, and thus they are also fishing gear.

A common mistake is to confuse fishing techniques with fishing tackle. The latter includes any physical equipment used for fishing, whereas fishing techniques involve the process and ways implemented during fishing. Fishing gear is also called fishing tackle. However, fishing tackle often refers to fishing as a sports activity or recreation. For sports fishing, equipment includes a rod, reel, line, and terminal tackle.

Fishing Tackle Examples


Hooks are small, usually wire j-shapes with a gorge on it, which people have used to capture fish since ancient times. Hooks snag the body of a fish or embed themselves inside the fish. Usually, hooks are used for catching both saltwater and freshwater fish.

Fishing Line

A line is considered as the most critical fishing equipment since, without it, there really isn’t any fishing going on. Fishing line is a vital part of fishing irrespective of a fisherman’s expertise in casting, enticing the fish bait, hooking-up, playing, and landing the fish. A person buying a fishing line must consider strength, stretch, size, resistance, visibility, and stiffness of a fishing line before making a choice.


Sinkers are a weight to angle the force attracting the fish. These were traditionally made up of lead. Nowadays using lead is prohibited in many parts of the world as it causes lead poisoning. Sinkers are also called a Plummet.


Swivel prevent twists in the fishing line. They also provide combining points for line, terminal rigs, and traces. There are a variety of Swivels with different patterns, colors, and styles. Ball-bearing swivels are stronger and can turn freely. They are best used for fishing for game fish, which fight a lot.

Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are composed of a hook, line, and sinker. A hook is attached at one end to capture the fish with a long, flexible rod. Rods are available in a wide range from short to long, or light to heavy. Some are available with big guide rings or smaller ones for more control. Most fishing rods come in the shape of 1 piece or 2 piece-rods. The choice of rods for fishing depends upon the requirement and level of expertise in fishing skills for a particular fisherman.

Fishing Spears

In ancient times fishing rods were used in Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome They were known as angles in Britain. Spearfishing is also an old style of fishing Fishermen used a spear to catch fish. They used harpoons with a barb attached at the end Harpoons were primarily used by Paleolithic peoples but also are still used for some whaling in both Japan and Norway. Tridents are another type of spear used by ancient people for catching fish.

Fishing Nets

Fishing nets are used even now as a conventional tool by fishers. Nets are made by knotting thread together. Nets are cast either from a fisherman on the shore, wading, or from a boat and held open by floats. When enough fish gather in the nets, they are lifted back from the water. Earlier nets were made with cocoon silk, leaves, or other fiber but the nowadays nets are usually made of synthetic materials.

Fishing Traps

The most commonly used fishing gear in the world! They come in two general types—permanent or semi-permanent, and have a frame of thick steel wire baited to attract fishes. Whenever a fish swims inside a trap, it cannot get out. In earlier days traps were made with wood and fiber.


Multipliers are mounted above a rod, and they are used for bait casting. Multipliers used for freshwater fishing differ from those used for saltwater. They come in different models and have a wide range of applications in comparison to other fishing gear. A fisherman needs a lot of practice before using a multiplier for fishing. However, they are very useful for catching fish which fight fiercely.

Fly Fishing Gear

Fly fishing gear is used by fly anglers. It is specifically designed for making fishing easier. Fly fishing gear consists of fly lines, flies, and fly reels which help to hold a fly line. This way even heavy fishes can be caught.

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